G.S.S.V. Moddervet

What is survivalrun?

Survivalrun is a rapidly growing sport in the Netherlands. During a survivalrun competition, participants run through a course with obstacles, usually in rural areas. Part of these obstacles are natural, such as water and hills, but also built with beams and ropes. Survivalrun is known for being both technically challenging and physically demanding. Strength, endurance, flexibility, technique, and perseverance are central to the sport.


During survival training, you’ll encounter various obstacles. The most common obstacles are listed below with a brief description. Curious? Come try it out for yourself!

Using a rope to swing over a horizontal bar. There are various types of swing-overs, which can be made from different materials, such as a scaffolding pipes, fire hoses, straps, planks, traffic signs, car tires and more.

With this obstacle, you swing from one side to the other using a horizontal rope.

Move horizontally to the other side using triangles.

Swing from one side to the other with the monkey bars entirely on arm strength.

With the vertical ropes you move yourself horizontally. Footknots are essential here.  

With the help of short ropes or sticks purely on arm strength to the other side.

With a variety of attributes you can move yourself horizontally.

By stepping into the tires or rope-loops you move yourself horizontally to the other side.

A net is a common obstacle in a survival run. Sometimes you have to pass it by going over, other times by going under (with a monkey hang). Nets can also hang horizontally instead of vertically.

Move yourself on a horizontal rope on your stomach.

Part of a run can be load running, you can think of beams, tires, ropes, sandbags and tire drags.

Cutting a tree trunk.

With a bow and arrow you must shoot within the blue circle, otherwise you have to do a penalty round/penalty obstacle.

With the help of beer kegs to the other side.