G.S.S.V. Moddervet


Welcome to G.S.S.V. Moddervet; the Groningen Student Survivalrun Association!


Moddervet is a young and dynamic association. Our members have a lot of passion for survival running, and our trainers provide fun and diverse trainings. What connects us is enthusiasm for outdoor sports, pushing ourselves and enjoying training or activities together. 

Why survival running? Because it is an enjoyable and versatile outdoor sport! You will train your entire body and build both fitness and strength.

Did you become enthusiastic after the introduction period and would you like to become a member of the association? Awesome! Click on the button to the right.

What is Survivalrun?

Survivalrun is a demanding sport where participants complete an (unpaved) course with various obstacles. The sport is comparable to popular obstacle runs or mud runs. However, Survivalrun is a bit tougher: for example, it involves more climbing techniques.

Survivalrun is a fantastic way to become all-around fit. Through climbing, you train muscles that you didn’t even know you had, and running gives you a strong endurance.

There are many different obstacles and competitions that are held… Read more

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Introduction period

For everyone who wants to get to know the sport and our association we organised the introduction period. In this series of trainings given on all Thursdays in September we show you the basic techniques of Survivalrunning.  Click here for more information.

General Members Assembly (GMA)

On Wednesday the 11th of October there will be a GMA in which the 12th board will be hammered in. Block it in your planner because this will be the moment at which you can ask questions and make remarks about the new policy plan!

Crazy 88!

Yessir! De first AcCie activity of the new academic year has officially been announced! Everybody gear up for the Crazy 88 on Tuesday the 17th of October!

Read the newsletter for more updates!

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