G.S.S.V. Moddervet


Welcome to G.S.S.V. Moddervet; the Groningen Student Survivalrun Association!


Moddervet is a young and dynamic association. Our members have a lot of passion for survival running, and our trainers provide fun and diverse trainings. What connects us is enthusiasm for outdoor sports, pushing ourselves and enjoying training or activities together. 

Why survival running? Because it is an enjoyable and versatile outdoor sport! You will train your entire body and build both fitness and strength.

Would you like to join us at the introduction training sessions on the 15th and 22nd of February? 😀 

What is Survivalrun?

Survivalrun is a demanding sport where participants complete an (unpaved) course with various obstacles. The sport is comparable to popular obstacle runs or mud runs. However, Survivalrun is a bit tougher: for example, it involves more climbing techniques.

Survivalrun is a fantastic way to become all-around fit. Through climbing, you train muscles that you didn’t even know you had, and running gives you a strong endurance.

There are many different obstacles and competitions that are held… Read more

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Outside the cold and dark reign, but we’re going to chase those away on the Moddervet Gala! Yes indeed! The date and theme for the most anticipated event of the year have been revealed! Friday the 16th of February, we expect you in you most beautiful garb. This years’ theme is Love is in the Air, so whether you take your girlfriend, finally ask that cute guy to dance, or sing like an angel with your bestie… this is your night!


Something new this year are the official Mudfat trainingsevenings on Tuesdays! Last year the Mudfat training sessions were on Thurdays and Saturdays. Since our members prefer to train on workdays, we decided to move the training session on Saturday to Tuesday. (You can still train in the weekends in the weekends if you want to. It’s just not an official Moddervet training session anymore)


A Mudfetstival is a run in which we try to participate with as many Mudfatties as possible to encourage each other and of course to make it a fun day. The next Mudfetstival is the run at Kootsertille on the 10th of March. Check here for enrollment info!