G.S.S.V. Moddervet


The track at which we are honoured to train is owned by Jesper Hommes, from Hommes Survival & Outdoor. He is  the main trainer and you will often see him walking around the track. He loves it if you come and say hi to him! You will also meet different trainers, depending on which days you join the trainings.  We are honoured to introduce you to them here!

Jesper Hommes

Hello! I am Jesper, the founer of Moddervet and owner of Hommes Survival & Outdoor. At the track I am the main trainer and I give the largest part of the trainings. 

Tim te Bogt

Hello! My name is Tim. I am trainer and instructor at Hommes Survivalrun & Outdoor and at this moment I enforce the team of Moddervet trainers. Since recently, I am the fixed trainer on the tuesday evenings for Moddervet, and I hope I’ll keep on doing this for a while!


Mathijs Kimmel

Hey! My name is Mathijs, I am 20 years old and I am one of the trainers of Moddervet. I started survivalrunning when I was 10 at a club just south of Arnhem. I came to Groningen to study Human Movement Sciences. I have been making trainings for over a year now and so far I really enjoy it! I hope you do too!

Jesse Hoekstra

Hey! I am Jesse and I give sportslessons on weekdays at the mbo. In the evenings I teach these wonderful climbers and we play the most awesome games. “Koehandel”? “Apenkooi”? Puzzling in the ropes? Everything is possible! I hope to see you soon on the track!