G.S.S.V. Moddervet


In addition to training, fun is of course also very important at our association. Below you can see a list of all recurring activities that are organized. For specific dates, check our calendar.  

DAB: Donderdag Avond Borrel (Thursday Evening Drinks

The DAB takes place every last Thursday of the month. After training you can cozy around the campfire with a nice drink and roasted marshmallows. The perfect opportunity to socialize and catch up with all the other members!


Every year our kampcie organizes a 3-day camp, filled with lots of fun and activities.

BOSSO exchange

During an exchange with other survival student associations you can meet students from all over the Netherlands and share the survival passion together 🙂


Enough competitive survivalruns near Groningen, the best opportunity to check where you stand within the sport and to try to reach the best possible time. Or to do a team run / couple run with others from the association!

ACCIE activity

Every second Tuesday of the month you can participate in a fun activity organized by our activities committee, like trying out other sports and enjoyable group challenges.


An annual competition where teams compete to be allowed to run off with Epke the monkey.


Answering difficult questions and doing crazy dances, who knows the sport and association best and will run off with the gym quiz monkey?

A lot more!

Because members of the association are very close, spontaneous plans are often undertaken. Bouldering, going on vacation, eating together; just to name a few things.