G.S.S.V. Moddervet



A short introduction of all our committees. Do you also wish to join a commitee and become more active in GSSV Moddervet? Then you can send an email to


 Hi everyone!

We are Idsert (chair), Noor, Froukje, Kelvin, Idsert, Ayita and Koen and we are the members of the best committee of Moddervet: the AcCie! Every Thursday we have a meeting and dinner together. Here, we conjure up the most fun activities, like ice skating and (the best activity of all) the Mudlympics. We also organize the Thursday Evening Drinks. After the meeting we all go training together!


Hey everyone!

We (Jelle (chair), Noor, Froukje, Sven and Wiegert) are the IntroCie of Moddervet. Each year we are present at the Keiweek and the ESN weekend to gather as much enthousiastic members as possible! Additionaly, we organise the fun trainings and the drinks during the introduction period 🙂


Hello there!

We (Wiegert (chair) Carmen, Joy, & Koen) are the WebCie, also the websitecommittee. We are responsible for (suprise suprise) the website.

The website is maintained and improved by us. In case you do have improvements or ideas, you can always reach us through our email. We also keep track of the news within the association. 

Do you want to know more about us or contact us for another reason?

“We will make the website slightly less up-to-date every week, untill it becomes a website about dinosaurs” ~WebCie 2022



We are Rik (chair), Selma, Sven & Jelle. Together, we make the KasCie of Moddervet. We check the accounting of the association. Our most important task is make sure the yearly financial statements, made by the treasurer, Wiegert, are correct. Additionally, we give our opinion on the execution of the financial policies.



We are Ellis (chair), Emma, Siebren, Elise & Koen. We organize a 3-day long camp at the end of the year, with many fun things to do and even more ‘gezelligheid’.


Hey everyone!

We (Jurgen (chair), Rob, Minke and Matthijs) together are the BunkerCie of Moddervet. We are in charge of making the plans for a dope new clubhouse in cooperation with Hommes. Currently we are planning on doing the cunstuction in two different phases. The first phase is starting this spring!



We, Selma (chair), Rik, Nick ‘Bata’, Siebren and TJ, together form the BataCie. That is a committee that ensures Moddervet can show where the run in Survivalrun stands for during the Batavierenrace: a marathon race from Nijmegen to Enschede. Do you also want to participate in the Batavierenrace? Then you’re not too late; you still will have a chance to sign up!


HEY, you there!

How nice to see you here. The PromoCie (Froukje, Minke, Ellis, Rowan, Jelle, and Siebren) is a large committee with a big task: capturing and sharing how great of a association we have. We handle social media, take photos at events, and even design the merchandise. In the past, we were divided into different committees, but to streamline communication, we merged this year.


“Hello board, here’s a piece of advice:”

The Advice Committee consists of a number of very capable individuals (Elise (chair), Ellis, Margo, Thies, and Nick), with a wealth of knowledge about the association and/or board years in general. Our task is to advise the current, and sometimes future, board on anything that advice can be given about, and in this way we provide support to the board.