G.S.S.V. Moddervet


At Moddervet we attach great value to a safe feeling and a good atmosphere. Our confidants play an important part in this. They are the first people to contact when you experience any problems such as unwanted behaviour by someone inside or related to the association. They provide a listening ear. Naturally, they are unbiased and will offer advise on how to handle the situation. Have you experienced a certain situation as uncomfortable or are you having any other (personal) problems? You can always contact one of the two confidantes of Moddervet. 

Should you want to talk to someone more independent/ unrelated to the association, in that case the Aclo’s confidante or the confidante at centrum veilige sportwill be ready for you too!

Carlijn Lammers

Phone: +31 6 53162340

Hi! My name is Carlijn, I’m 21 years old and I’m currently in my first year of the master Human Movement Sciences. Besides learning about the human motion, I like to put my own body in motion as well! I really like survivalling with Moddervet, where I’m a member since 2018 🙂 Furthermore, I really like crossfitting and you can spot me on my racebike every now and then. To compensate these sports, I love to bake (well, mostly eat) cakes! So if you see someone on the track who has a sugar crash, that’s me.

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Tjerk Jan Atsma


Tel. +31 0654794759

I am Tjerk Jan, studying medicine with some biology, and I have been doing survival for about 6 years. On the course, I usually climb complicated combinations, but if there’s anything, you are always welcome to come chat with me!

TJ vertrouwenspersoon

Confidantes of the Aclo:

If there is something you want to talk about outside of Moddervet, you can also go to the confidential contact persons of the aclo.

They are Leon Hovenkamp (06 87783200) and Velda Tjalma (06 87381764).